Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel derives its famous moisturising properties from being the extract of the desert succulent aloe plant, whose prime function is to store moisture through drought. The pulpy juice is therefore excellent for hydrating and softening skin, and is also aids healing.

I have grown aloe vera for 15 years and use it regularly to hydrate skin and aid the healing of cuts and skin irritations. It tightens the skin (instant face lift) and draws out all the crap underneath - new users may experience spots (pimples) for a few days after using at first, that is a good thing, they will clear and never return if you use regularly. Better out than in! 
Here are a couple of personal stories of how aloe vera has healed naturally

Several years ago a friend had been signed off work for 3 months with a terrible irritable rash all over her face and neck. The doctors had tried all sorts of drugs and lotions and in the third month resorted to steroids. The rash just got worse and began spreading down her shoulders, arms and torso. One day she came into the office to bring her latest sick note. I gave her a hug and asked her whether she had tried using the juice from the aloe vera plants i had given her. She hadn't, but then she did . . . Her rash cleared up within one week and she was back at work straight after.

In 2003 one of my cats ripped the skin off from under his chin (a normal accident for a young exploring cat we were told), i could see nearly down to the bone and it looked pretty nasty. However, he didn't seem too upset and in his cat like way explained that he didn't want a trip to the vets. So i covered the area in aloe vera, fresh from the leaf, several times a day. The skin started to grow over within 3 days and totally healed a week later.

Aloe vera is a great weed, it spreads like crazy every spring so i give as many plants away as i can and encourage its use by everyone 
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