Natural Healing

Ideas for living, working and sleeping..

Aloe vera gel derives its famous moisturising properties from being the extract of the desert succulent aloe plant, whose prime function is to store moisture through drought. The pulpy juice is therefore excellent for hydrating and softening skin, and is also aids healing.

 How to Prepare Essential Oil from Lavender Plants

  • Prepare the lavender 
  • Cut lavender sprigs. The oil content is highest just before the flowers open. 
  • Wash the lavender in cool water. Strip leaves, flowers and soft stems. Discard stems with woody bark. 

Grow wheatgrass in trays, it takes about 10 days, juice it (using a masticating juicer), drink it . . .

Simple. It looks after us inside and provides valuable nutrients and the goodness of sun-fed life.

The taste is aquired, but worth it, one shot and the day is ready to begin.

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This pretty little weed is really easy to grow, just chuck seeds about and you will find it starts to spread around your locality. Towards the end of the flowering season, take off any remaining dying head and store the seeds for scattering the following spring.