Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere


The most complicated word to some

But why

When it is the simplest

emotion to understand

Most people believe Love is a physical emotion

That To Love you must desire

This is very sad as once a desire has become achieved it very often becomes boredom which takes its place

And this soon becomes resentment

Love is a state of mind

To care

To help

To offer

To receive with pleasure

To share 

To hold or be held in times of need

To support

To talk things through

To accept graciously

And more

And more

This is Love

It may sound hard work

But it is the simplest and most pleasant way to be with fellow man

For them To Love you, you must Love yourself

If the inside is beautiful this shines through

If the inside is hard



So is the exterior

Whatever the mirror tells you

Be kind

Be Loving

Be Loved

Be You

Be beautiful




Be understanding



© Shemeam 1991