Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere

What can be done?

With life being this boring during the day

What can I do but lose it during leisure time

But is this time being spent leisurely

Or making up for the boredom suffered by trying to find the ultimate high

The ultimate feelings

After which is there anything left

Or is it all in vein?

If one finds satisfaction

Can this be achieved again in the same way?

Or does it become a pointless search

When I reach the highest high

What is left?

Where do I go?

To danger and beyond

Or do I accept life and its imperfections and make do

Why do we let society restrict our hidden powers?

Why do we not live to learn?

Live to grow

Live to knock down those all so obvious barriers

We should be educating ourselves to make use of our capabilities

Can we walk through walls?

On water, without even flexing a muscle

Are we capable of drinking from the cup?

Without getting our lips wet or our hands dirty

Do we live a more satisfying existence during sleep?

When our defenses are down

Do we dream to sleep?

Or sleep to dream

Where do these powerful thoughts come from?

So many unanswered questions

So much desire to know the truth

Does it stem from our very souls?

Or is there a perfect path

Soul searching

So very corny

Yet much desire to discover the key

To the door and let the facts be known

So very few of our race have ever tried


I guess

Many have failed

Lost in the midst of ‘reality’

So wrapped up in the ‘real world’

To notice the need for the delight

Of actually knowing

It cannot be taught

Guidance is all but impossible to find in this world that I exist in

So where to look, how to learn

I came close to the beginning of the road

I was searching but lost it in pain

The walls were re-built with thorn bushes

And then hidden with humor and knowing

Where do I find the cutters to strip away the layers?

Without becoming scratched and torn in the process

To bear what lies within and find the will

To carry on regardless

Of what my fellow humans say

Yet it is not the whole race that I fear

It is those closest to me

Or more those I wish to find out if I want them close to me

A mouthful I agree, but put in the simplest terms

So where to go from here

Begin again

Leave the act behind

And try to be true to my own self

It’s a beginning

I know beginnings change

Become middles and endings

But to ensure that the ending is just another beginning

Would be a great start