Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere

Human life lived in harmony.  There was no thought of past and future.  Intuition aided survival along with the instincts for food, shelter, love and procreation.

One time the serpent came to man and gave him a gift. The gift was another mind.  The ego mind was formed.  Weak minds were manipulated to believe that ego was more important than spirit; that we were not a part of all that surrounded us but that we were superior; that we deserved to evolve materially.

The destruction of man happened on this day.  The day we were sold a lie, on that covered our own true selves.

Humans are imprisoned not by the system but by the mind. The interenet takes us not nearer the truth but further away.

The truth is Love. There is no other place to find what we desire.

The system is only true if you believe it to be so.

Trust yourself.

Love is all.

But how to love when Love is so blocked. Trust the universe.

Agree to lose, and Love them.