Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere

By learning now, I live in the moment, I lead a rich life.

Does what I learn become hard fast forever, no, it changes as I change and that (those) around me change, but the bricks slot together

more easily and I can think less and do more.
It is only by processing that I let go, become freer.

I see a world of stagnating humans, never moving forward, going around in circles, wanting, trying to fill the void in their lives with stuff, stimulating the ego with more and more, but with all that they get, they get nothing. Every time they reach their goal they are complete, but it is short lived, they look for the next distraction. They are unable to flow.
They talk to me, they tell me about their lives, how if they had this or that they would be happy. They ask my approval, I cannot give it, but I do not condone their ways. I smile.
I cannot tell them what to do, how to be, who they are.

I Love them
That is all I can do

I Love those who do too much, I Love those who think too much, I Love those who want too much, I Love those who Love me back and those that don't.
I forgive all and send most Love towards those who control, harm, kill and destroy, for it is those who need it the most.

I search for pure joy.
When I find it, I live it.
I can be no other way.

When I do not let go completely it is because I cannot.
There is something in the way, the joy cannot be fulfilled.

Maslow comes to mind...