Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere

I visited a neighbour. As I sat and watched, listened, I am horrified to see the true extent of the control. Addicted to the lies of the media, taken three times daily, taken more if the story is really horrifying.

Scared of people, scared of self, unwell and happily and unknowlingly showing the path of chains to her grandson. Rejoicing in the rituals of old. Santa. The child happy to ask for a book or a bowl of porridge from the jolly bearded one. But my neighbour teaches him to ask for more, not allowing the child to be happy with natural spirit. Teaching greed. Teaching that wanting is the way to grow. Teaching to be inhuman, to be a machine a machine that needs feeding materially. Trapped in the chains of system.

I left with Love. I left Love. There is no more I can do. Surrounded by robots. It is so horribly sad. Yet I must not help. For I cannot. I must continue. Forwards. Backwards. Upwards. Downwards. Which ever way takes me towards the truth

My hand is forever outstretched, open, ready for them to take when they awake.