Senseless Mumblings

Thoughts from nowhere

Filter Project

Left hand / right hand

Our only work here is to Love and to Forgive.

The ego pretends to love, but through its constant judging it is capricious in nature and can switch from love to hate in a second.  It tries to convince us that we are God. By falling for its tricks and allowing the ego to control us we sin constantly in thought and word and deed.


Humans are imprisioned not by the the system but by the mind

The internet takes us not nearer the truth but further away

Universal safety

Live in the safety of the universe without effort

Effort is struggle and admission that I do not believe

Trust one hundred percent that all will come

All desires will be fulfilled

Restless thoughts

My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts

1.       The cats will fight

2.       I want to hear from ‘him’

3.       I want to help

4.       I have no life

5.       I find it hard to make friends

One Step at a Time

I am powerless over you and powerless over me

Powerless over all things

I can talk the right talk

Sometimes I forget to walk